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Sunday 01-05-14AM. True Greatness

Sunday 01-12-14AM. Excuses

Sunday 01-19-14AM. Mission of the 70

Sunday 01-26-14AM. Return of the 70

Sunday 02-02-14AM. The Good Samaritan

Sunday 02-09-14AM. The Good Part

Sunday 02-16-14AM. No video

Sunday 02-23-14AM. Prayer Parables

Sunday 03-02-14AM. No video

Sunday 03-09-14AM. Gideons Speaker

Sunday 03-16-14AM. Warning Against Unbelief

Sunday 03-23-14AM. A Greater Than Solomon

Sunday 03-30-14AM. No video

Sunday 04-06-14AM. No video

Sunday 04-13-14AM. No video

Sunday 04-20-14AM. No video

Sunday 04-27-14AM. Giving Leftovers

Sunday 05-04-14AM. Sin of Hypocrisy

Sunday 05-11-14AM. Mother's Day Message

Sunday 05-18-14AM. Gentile Bride

Sunday 05-25-14AM. No video

Sunday 06-01-14AM. Fears

Sunday 06-08-14AM. No video

Sunday 06-15-14AM. No video

Sunday 06-22-14AM. All Knowing God

Sunday 06-29-14AM. Denying & Confessing Jesus

Sunday 07-06-14AM. Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Sunday 07-13-14AM. Faith or Fear

Sunday 07-20-14AM. God's Provision of Words

Sunday 07-27-14AM. No video

Sunday 08-03-14AM. Worry

Sunday 08-10-14AM. Watchfulness

Sunday 08-17-14AM. Wise and Unwise Servants

Sunday 08-24-14AM. No video.

Sunday 08-31-14AM. No video.

Sunday 09-07-14AM. Repentance

Sunday 09-14-14AM. Sabbath Healing

Sunday 09-21-14AM. No video

Sunday 09-28-14AM. No video

Sunday 10-05-14AM. Lure of Sin

Sunday 10-12-13AM. The Strait Gate

Sunday 10-19-14AM. Missed Opportunities

Sunday 10-26-14AM. Humility

Sunday 11-02-14AM. Excuses

Sunday 11-09-14AM. Priorities

Sunday 11-16-14AM. Heaven's Joy

Sunday 11-23-14AM. Thanksgiving Sermon

Sunday 11-30-14AM. The Prodigal Son

Sunday 12-06-14AM. No video

Sunday 12-14-14AM. The Unrighteous Steward

Sunday 12-21-14AM.  Birth of Jesus

Sunday 12-28-14AM.  A New Year

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