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Sunday 1-29-12AM.  Beginning A New Year                                              Sunday 7-01-12AM. Standing Firm In Our Faith

Sunday 2-05-12AM.  The Coming Judgment-part 1                                  Sunday 7-08-12AM. Everlasting Consolation & Good Hope

Sunday 2-12-12AM. The Coming Judgment-part 2                                   Sunday 7-15-12AM. A Request For Prayer

Sunday 2-19-12AM. Paul's Prayer for the Thessalonians                        Sunday 7-22-12AM. God's Faithful Keeping

Sunday 2-26-12AM. The Certainty of Jesus' Return                                  Sunday 7-29-12AM. No video

Sunday 3-04-12AM. The Signs of the Day of Christ                                   Sunday 8-05-12AM. No video

Sunday 3-11-12AM. No Video.                                                                       Sunday 8-12-12AM.Our Love For God

Sunday 3-18-12AM. The Coming Man of Sin-part 1                                   Sunday 8-19-12AM. The Patience of Christ 

Sunday 3-25-12AM. No video.                                                                        Sunday 8-26-12AM. The Apostle's Command

Sunday 4-01-12AM. The Coming Man of Sin-part 3                                   Sunday 9-02-12AM. A Christian Understanding of Work 

Sunday 4-08-12AM. Who Is Jesus?                                                               Sunday 9-09-12AM. Applying Church Discipline

Sunday 4-15-12AM.The Coming Man of Sin-part 4                                    Sunday 9-16-12AM. No video 

Sunday 4-22-12AM. No video                                                                         Sunday 9-23-12AM.The Lord of Peace

Sunday 4-29-12AM. No video                                                                         Sunday 9-30-12AM.The Lord of Peace (part 2)

Sunday 5-06-12AM. No video                                                                         Sunday 10-07-12AM. No video.

Sunday 5-13-12AM. Mother's Day Sermon                                                   Sunday 10-14-12AM. No video

Sunday 5-20-12AM. Sanctification by the Spirit                                           Sunday 10-21-12AM. No video.

Sunday 5-27-12AM. Sanctification by the Spirit-part 2                               Sunday 10-28-12AM. No video.

Sunday 6-03-12AM. Belief In The Truth                                                         Sunday 11-04-12AM. Why Christians Should Vote

Sunday 6-10-12AM. Called By The Gospel                                                   Sunday 11-11-12AM. God's Sovereignty

Sunday 6-17-12AM. No video                                                                           Sunday 11-18-12AM. Thanksgiving Message

Sunday 6-24-12AM. Sharing In The Lord's Glory                                          Sunday 11-25-12AM. God Is Good

                                                                                                                                Sunday 12-02-12AM. Purpose of Christmas

                                                                                                                                Sunday 12-09-12AM. No video.

                                                                                                                                Sunday 12-16-12AM. No video.

                                                                                                                                Sunday 12-23-12AM.God's Christmas Love




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